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[Creativity] Taiwanese Claim Prize at European Satellite Navigation Contest techman2012/11/19
[Creativity] Students from Taiwan Awarded Red Dot's Highest Honor techman2012/10/21
[Communications] Academia Sinica Presents New Technology for High Speed Transport Communications techman2012/03/29
[Creativity] ITRI Succeeds in Developing Rewritable E-paper techman2012/01/27
[Design][Cultural Creativity] Permanent Pavilion to Showcase Innovative Taiwanese Products Set at Taipei Fine Arts Museum techman2011/12/27
[Creativity] Taiwan Strikes 42 Gold Medals at Seoul Invention Show techman2011/12/05
[Creativity] ITRI and III Win EU's Galileo Awards techman2011/11/20
[Creativity] NTUST Students Bag 20 "Red Dot" Design Concept Awards techman2011/11/20
[Creativity] NSC Introduces New Tech at Taipei Invention Show techman2011/09/27
[Cultural Creativity][Design] Promising Talents Shine at MOEA Design Awards techman2011/09/18
[Design] 《IJD》 Enhances Taiwan's Research Capacity in Design techman2011/07/07
[Creativity] Taiwan Paper Manufacturer Invents Environment Friendly Stone Paper techman2011/06/13
[Creativity] Applying Bluetooth and Flash Drive to Gate Control, Taiwan High School Students Won Gold in Geneva and Russia techman2011/04/12
[Interdisciplinary][Cultural Creativity] Sci-tech Fungi Forest That Can Sing, Play Music and Surf the Net techman2010/09/16
[Creativity] Taiwan's New EZ Fusion Two-in-One Vial Wins DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation gustav2010/06/06
[Creativity] NTU R&D Team Presents Smart Blind Stick gustav2010/05/18
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