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[Creativity] NSC Introduces New Tech at Taipei Invention Show

Posted by techman 
[Creativity] NSC Introduces New Tech at Taipei Invention Show

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[Creativity] NSC Introduces New Tech at Taipei Invention Show (Chinese Version)

CNA (2011/09/26) The Cabinet-level National Science Council (NSC) Monday presented three of the 100-plus locally developed innovative technologies it is planning to showcase at the annual Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart slated to open September 29 in Taipei.

The NSC has been participating in the annual event since it was first launched in 2005. With gaining popularity, the show this year will feature more than 2,000 innovations by nearly 700 local and foreign exhibitors, occupying 1,100 booths.

As for the NSC's pavilion, which will occupy 60 booths, a total of 111 innovative technologies developed by 50 local schools and institutes with NSC funding support will be on display. It aims to achieve the largest-ever output value of NT$500 million (US$16.35 million) by the end of this year.

At the pre-event press conference, the NSC invited three local universities to present their respective innovations, including a tele-cardiology system which can record patients real-time heart beat and aspiration rate for 24 hours, a wastewater purification system that can purify domestic or industrial wastewater for irrigation or aquaculture purposes, and a ubiquitous learning application to help children learn mathematics.

Although the three innovations are still prototypes and need advancement, all have been put into practice and will expand their applications, according to the developers.

Only three technologies were chosen to be displayed at the press conference, but there will be a lot more at the pavilion and the whole show, the NSC said.

The four-day event will take place at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 from September 29-October 2, and is expected to attract a record high of more than 100,000 visitors, according to the organizers.

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