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[Interdisciplinary][Cultural Creativity] Sci-tech Fungi Forest That Can Sing, Play Music and Surf the Net

Posted by techman 
[Interdisciplinary][Cultural Creativity] Sci-tech Fungi Forest That Can Sing, Play Music and Surf the Net (Chinese Version)

The Liberty Times & Awakening News Networks (2010/09/15) Sponsored by National Science Council for a more than nine million NT dollar budget, Professor Xiaoniu Su-Chu HSU, Center for Art and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts, and two professors from Tamkang University, Professor Chih-Yung CHANG and Professor Kuei-Ping SHIH, spent two years on innovating a set of ten pure white fungus-shaped wireless sensing interactive installations. The installation can make decorations in parks or lobbies. The artists initialize the application of the wireless sensor networks (WSN) technology, which is widely used in the fields of national defense, medicine and environmental monitoring, to installation art.

Source:Awakening News Networks / Professor Xiaoniu Su-Chu HSU

When people get close to the fungus, the fungus will play symphonies and also utter the present Twitter topics and dialogues, making clamor sound effect. If one taps it on the fungus, the fungus will respond with funny noise. If one speaks to one of the fungus, the message would be passed to the other fungi. People can even download the music played in the fungus with mobile phones.

The symphony played in the fungus will stop when strong wind is sensed; in stead, the fungus will play melodies associated with the image of wind. When it rains, the fungus will play music associated with the image of rain, informing the people around of the change of weather.

The team points out, the fungus shape fits natural environment, and the pileus can protect the device. It is powered with batteries and can last between five to six hours. The device has been patenting in Taiwan and the U.S. The expected material cost in mass product may between 15 to 20 thousand NT dollars.

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