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[Creativity] ITRI Succeeds in Developing Rewritable E-paper

Posted by techman 
[Creativity] ITRI Succeeds in Developing Rewritable E-paper

分類標籤: Sci-Tech Digest  Creativity
[Creativity] ITRI Succeeds in Developing Rewritable E-paper (Chinese Version)

RTI (2012/01/27) ITRI makes some breakthrough and succeeds in the development of a type of plastic rewritable e-paper “i2Re-Paper.” With simple thermal writing device, words or images could be easily printed on the e-paper. This new-generation environment-friendly display technique will be applied to e-signage, e-id card, electric tickets, etc.

Soft electronic products have the features of low weight, low cost and bendability. The field is regarded as a rising star industry succeeding to semiconductor and flat panel display. E-paper is one of the recent popular soft electronic products.

ITRI's “i2R e-Paper” uses recycled plastic bottles. The material is as thin as plastic slide film. Besides, the device advances in its simplified mechanism. Simply with a thermal writing device, the texts or images can be easily input, unlike traditional e-papers that need complicated electronic systems and devices.

Besides, the content displayed can stay without power consumption, while the content can be erased and reprinted at once via the thermal writing machine.

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Further Information:
RTI 2012/01/27 (Chinese)

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