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[Creativity] Taiwan's New EZ Fusion Two-in-One Vial Wins DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation

Posted by gustav 
[Creativity] Taiwan's New EZ Fusion Two-in-One Vial Wins DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation (Chinese Version)

The Liberty Times (2010/06/05) & udn.com (2010/06/04) 2010 (22nd) DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation Winners were announced in the headquarters of DuPont in the U.S. on May 25. The novel two-in-one vial “EZ Fusion” of Degill International Corp., Kaohsiung, was in the winners list. Representatives of the company visited Metal Industries R&D Center, sharing the honor with the center on June 4.

Source: The Liberty Times

Supported by Department of Industrial Technology, MoEA, Degill International Corp. was helped by Metal Industries R&D Center with introducing the concept of DFMA (design for manufacturing and assembly) into its operation and marketing.

The novel two-in-one vial was claimed to be the first vial with separate filling which can be mixed immediately in the world. The nurses only have to tear away the tab and rotate the cover clockwise, so that the separate filling will be mixed right away.

EZ Fusion is made with recyclable polypropylene. It also takes the guesswork out of mixing drugs, so there is less waste. There is less chance of contamination and it provides a cost-effective, green solution versus traditional glass vials.

According to Degill, a cooperation project has been proposed to a foreign pharmaceutical firm. It is expected that the vial will appear in the market soonest in September with an expected output of forty billion NT dollars.

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Further Information:
The Liberty Times 2010/06/05 (Chinese)
Udn.com 2010/06/04 (Chinese)

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