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[Creativity] Taiwanese Claim Prize at European Satellite Navigation Contest

Posted by techman 
[Creativity] Taiwanese Claim Prize at European Satellite Navigation Contest (Chinese Version)

Taipei Times (2012/11/16) & CNA - Focus Taiwan (2012/11/15) Taiwanese have won a prototype prize at the European Satellite Navigation Competition, the state-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) said November 15.

Taiwan’s entry, a “connected vehicle” prototype, was awarded the Galileo Pro title, the second-highest in the prototype category.

The project, called “Driving with Safety, Responsiveness and Courtesy,” uses integrated automobile and communication technology. It allows drivers to send warnings or thank-you signals to nearby vehicles by pressing a button, instead of using the common forms of traffic communication such as hand signals or horns, the ITRI said.

The prototype, submitted by Hua-chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co and the ITRI, vied with 64 other entries in that category, the institute said.

The overall winner was a project from Portugal that aimed to offer seamless, reliable navigation, even indoors, by means of ultra-low-frequency magnetic field communication (ULF-MC), according to the competition Web site.

The European Satellite Navigation Competition is an international competition aimed at stimulating ideas, incubation and development of applications and services made possible by the European satellite navigation system Galileo.

Organized by Germany’s Application Center for Satellite Navigation Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO) since 2004, the competition is geared toward companies, entrepreneurs, research institutes, universities and private individuals.

This year, a total of 406 entries from more than 40 countries were submitted.

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