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[Design][Cultural Creativity] Permanent Pavilion to Showcase Innovative Taiwanese Products Set at Taipei Fine Arts Museum techman2011/12/27
[Design] 900 Students to Stretch Creativity at Design Workshops techman2011/10/16
[Cultural Creativity][Design] Promising Talents Shine at MOEA Design Awards techman2011/09/18
[Design] 《IJD》 Enhances Taiwan's Research Capacity in Design techman2011/07/07
[Report of Honor][Industrial Design] NCKU Student Grabbed 2nd Place at iF Concept Award techman2011/02/21
[Design] NTUST Graduate Wins “Best of the Best” Award at 2010 Red Dot Award apophasis2010/08/26
[Report of Honor][Design] Poster from Taiwan Won ADC Award in New York gustav2010/05/25
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