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[Report of Honor][Industrial Design] NCKU Student Grabbed 2nd Place at iF Concept Award

Posted by techman 
[Report of Honor][Industrial Design] NCKU Student Grabbed 2nd Place at iF Concept Award (Chinese Version)

NCKU News (2011/02/21) Doctoral student I-Jui LEE from Department of Industrial Design at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, recently won 2nd place and a scholarship of EUR$5,000 at 2011 iF concept award for his creation of Pen Ruler which can easily calculate the distance number of a surface.

According to the spokesperson of iF Design, Anna REISSERT, more than 8,000 works from 52 countries participated in the competition this year.

When dressmakers make clothes, they need to measure the customers’ body size repeatedly to get the correct measurements because it is difficult to measure the bending or irregular lines.

The inconvenient process inspired I-Jui LEE to create a tool which is intuitive and can easily record the surface distance.

LEE’s Pen Ruler looks like a regular pen and it consists of a narrow brush sensor, wide brush sensor, rolling ball sensor, units, scale, distance display and sensor point.

Source: NCKU News

This tool can calculate the distance by using the small rolling ball and brush camera sensor in front of the pen and it can also adjust different units and scale size to show the distance number on display for the user.

What is unique about this tool is that the data can be digitalized and recorded and one can just swing the pen to clear the recorded surface distance number.

In terms of applications, the Pen Ruler can measure the physical size of various products and the body size of models, provide precise unit conversion and act as a proportion tool for the building façade drawing.

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