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[Venue Changed] The venue of William Magee's lecture has been changed!

Lecturer: Professor William Magee (Dharma Drum Buddhist College)
Date :2010/03/06 14:00 - 17:00
Venue :政治大學研究大樓人文社會科學哲學基礎研討室

Lecturer: Professor William Magee (
Discussant: Professor Hans-Rudolf Kantor 康特 ( Huafan University )

"The Object of Negation (dgag bya) in Tibetan Buddhism:
Dolpopa and Tsongkhapa on Ultimate Truth"

About the Lecturer:
William Magee received his doctorate in Tibetan Studies from the University of Virginia, where he taught Tibetan language for thirteen years at the UVA Summer Language Institute. He was a Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina Greensboro for three years and currently is Assistant Professor of Tibetan Studies at Dharma Drum Buddhist College in Taiwan, where he teaches in the graduate school. Magee is the co-author (with Elizabeth Napper) of Fluent Tibetan: a Proficiency-oriented Language Learning System and the author of The Nature of Things. Recently he published a novel entitled She Still Lives about a future female Dalai Lama. Magee is editor of the Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal and director of the "Hopkins Tibetan Treasures Multimedia Research Archive". He has published numerous academic articles and is working on a book about Middle Way Consequence hermeneutics in Tibet. He has a wife, two children, and a granddaughter.

Web: http://magee.ddbc.edu.tw

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The venue of William Magee's lecture has been changed from 政治大學研究大樓人文社會科學哲學基礎研究室 to 百年樓二樓東方哲學研究室.