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[Environmental Protection] Nearly 70% of Taiwan People Supports Renewable Energy's Replacing Nuclear Energy

Posted by gustav 
[Environmental Protection] Nearly 70% of Taiwan People Supports Renewable Energy's Replacing Nuclear Energy (Chinese Version)

Radio Taiwan International & National Education Radio (2009/12/28) Shih Hsin University's Public Opinion Research Center presented the initial result of its “Public Opinion Survey on Nuclear Safety” (trans. temp.) on 28th-December, reporting that over 73 % of the people in the greater Taipei area supports greenhouse gas reduction by changing the industrial structure, and nearly 70% supports to replace nuclear energy with renewable energy. The Public Opinion Research Center has also planned a comprehensive nationwide survey, the result of which will be offered for the reference of policy-making.

Commissioned by Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, the Public Opinion Research Center of Shih Hsin University has set a model of an optimal survey on the public attitude about nuclear safety, which will be applied to a nationwide poll and several specific surveys targeting the residents near the nuclear power plants in 2010. The center also presents the initial result targeting the people in the greater Taipei region when presenting the model. Nearly 74% of the people agrees with the reformation of the industrial structure in order to reduce the GHG emission. Nearly 70% supports the renewable energy's replacing the nuclear power. Such information indicates the public opinion, being aware of the global warming, stands by environment-friendly energy solutions. As for the people's general attitude toward nuclear power, 49% of the polled agrees that the nuclear power can be one of the options for power generation, while 33% dissents. Over 38% holds that the present ratio the nuclear power generation occupies among all the power generation options is fine, while 36% thinks it's too high and 25% thinks it's too low. The forerun survey was made during the first half of November, with 517 analyzable questionnaires, 95% confidence level, and error rate 4.5%.

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