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[Creativity] NTU R&D Team Presents Smart Blind Stick

Posted by gustav 
[Creativity] NTU R&D Team Presents Smart Blind Stick

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[Creativity] NTU R&D Team Presents Smart Blind Stick (Chinese Version)

Awakening News Networks (2010/05/17) & udn.com (2010/05/18) The R&D team led by Professor Ren C. LUO at Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, invents an intelligent blind stick, “guilink”, which is coordinated with cell phones, using its functions such as GPS, voice navigation, map information, etc., and the electric compass, developed by the team, to help guide the blind people.

The awarding ceremony of the Seventh National Invention Award was held on May 17. In the ceremony, twenty two outstanding biomedical technological breakthroughs and the most commercially potential academic R&D's, including the smart blind stick and the intelligent stand vehicle invented by Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, were announced.

Ren C. LUO said, the invention is provided with a special keyboard attached to the cellphone so that the blind can easily type in the information of the destination. Besides, the e-compass of the equipment can position the current location, while the vibrator can inform the blind of off-track by stopping the slight vibration.

LUO said, the transmission between the e-compass and the cellphone relies on bluetooth. If the produce volume of ten thousand sets per year could be reached, the price would probably reach to about three hundred NT dollars per set. He said, some companies had expressed interest in this invention, and hopefully we may see the product in the market within a year.

Further Information:
Awakening News Network 2010/05/17 (Chinese)
Udn.com 2010/05/18 (Chinese)

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Re: [Creativity] NTU R&D Team Presents Smart Blind Stick

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