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[Info-tech] MOTC-Institute of Transportation Invents Fleet Management System

Posted by gustav 
[Info-tech] MOTC-Institute of Transportation Invents Fleet Management System (Chinese Version)

BCC (2010/04/23) Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC)'s Institute of Transportation spent eight million NT dollars inventing a core module software for commercial fleet management. The fleet resources management system has been completed and the service only costs the companies three hundred NT dollars. From now on, the small-and-medium-sized companies can enjoy electronized fleet management with much more affordable cost than the those of the systems available in the market now. With applying the system, not only the operation cost is expected to be reduced, but also the efficiency of the service is expected to be largely enhanced. Moreover, this system also helps with environmental protection.

The core management system integrates the functions such as basic information management, order management, voyage plan, vehicles dispatch, vehicles monitoring, reports generation and data analysis. Besides, the data of the energy consumption and the air pollution indications are taken into the account as well. With the system, the fleet operators, for instance, can monitor the status of the dispatched vehicles and the traffic status at the same time so that they can help the driver rearrange the route . It is estimated that the system will help save 13 % of the empty mileage, 6 % of fuel consumption and 14 % of carbon emissions than without applying it.

Further Information:
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