Lectures by Malcolm David Eckel and Jan Nattier 2009/11/27~28

Eckel: Bhaviveka the Debater
Nattier: Bodhisattvas and the Pure Land: A New Look at the Early Mahāyāna in India
Nattier: Re-thinking the Bodhisattva Path: The “Ten Stages” According to the Smaller Buddhāvataṁsaka
Part I
Part II
Nattier: Who Produced the Da mingdu jing 大明度經 (T225)? A Reassessment of the Evidence
Eckel: Bhaviveka's Critique of the Shravakas
Part I
Part II
Eckel: Models of Emptiness: Bhaviveka's Critique of the Yogacara

Junjie Chu on Dignāga's 《Pramāṇasamuccaya》2010/07/05

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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