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Care and Gender. The 7th Next-Generation Global Workshop

Date│Dec 06~07, 2014
Venue│2nd Floor, Faculty of Letters Main Building, Kyoto University

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Kyoto University Asian Studies Unit (

Seminar “Philology and Exegesis in East Asia”

Date│Nov 07, 2014
Venue│Ground-Floor Conference Room, Faculty of Letters.

Seminar: Philology and Exegesis in East Asia:

Speaker: Prof. Benjamin A. Elman (Princeton Univ.).

Date: Nov.11, 13:00-14:30.

Venue: Ground-Floor Conference Room, Faculty of Letters.

Contact: Prof. Hirata (e-mail: shirata@bun.kyoto-u.ac.jp

The 6th Next-Generation Global Workshop has been Held. (Jan., 11-13, 2014)

Date│Jan 11~13, 2014

Venue│Inamori Center Bldg. (Kyoto University)

Next-Generation Global Workshop and Establishment of a Consortium

Over 3 days from January 11-14th 2014 the 6th Next-Generation Global Workshop and 1st KUASU International Symposium were held. The Next-Generation Global Workshops have been held annually by the GCOE for the Reconstruction of the Intimate and Public Spheres in 21st Century Asia, and this year were taken over and run by its successor, Kyoto University Asian Studies Unit (KUASU). 27 graduate students and early-career researchers participated from 23 universities around the world (China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, and Vietnam) along with their peers from Kyoto University, and gave presentations in English. They received advice from 31 teaching staff from KUASU’s international partners (including those from Finland, Indonesia, The Philippines and Canada as well as the above) and Kyoto University staff.

The young generation participants made comments like, “At the same time as gaining experience of an international conference, it was a perfect opportunity to understand international research standards and trends from researchers of the same generation from various Asian and European countries” and, “By interacting with participants not only from Asian countries but also European countries, I got a stimulus to review my Asian research from a Western perspective”.

On January 13th, Kyoto International Consortium for Asian Studies (KICAS) was founded with the unanimous approval of all present, as a promise of a further level of development of the international collaboration in future.

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