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Indian Buddhist Thought in 6th-7th Century China International Workshop 2011

Indian Buddhist Thought in 6th-7th Century China International Workshop 2011

Date: 2011/06/19~20
The Conference Room of the College of Liberal Arts
( Room 330106, Below the Graduate Institute of Religious Studies ),
Bainian Building, Upper Campus, National Chengchi University
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Theme: Indian Philosophy in Chinese Sources
Katsura, Shry贖
Kui-ji's Records of the Vaie廜ξka Doctrines
Dan Lusthaus
Fallacies, Refutations, and Evaluations: The Chinese Reception of Hetuvidy
Lin, Chen-kuo
A Study and Annotated Translation of Huizao (648-714)s Treatise on Two Measures of Cognition

Theme: Yog璽cra & Tathgatagarbha (I)
Michael Zimmermann
The Process of Awakening in Early Texts on Buddha-nature in India
Michael Radich
Pure Mind in China: Chinese Background to Paramrtha's *Amalavij簽na

Theme: Yog璽cra & Tathgatagarbha (II)

Yao, Zhihua
The Yogcra Critiques of the Two Truths
Keng, Ching
In Search of the Doctrinal Differences between the Shorter and the Longer Versions of the Ratnagotravibhga

Theme: Issues in Buddhist Epistemology
Chu, Junjie
Dignga on Mental Perception and Self-Awareness
Choong, Yoke Meei
The Indian and Chinese Interpretations of dharma and adharma of the parable of the raft
Jakub Zamorski
Against ones own words. Problem of self-refuting statements in Chinese Buddhist logic

Theme: Issues in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy
Ho, Chien-hsing
The Way of Nonacquisition: Jizangs Philosophy of Ontological Indeterminacy
Hans-Rudolf Kantor
The Linguistic Pragmatics and Sign-System according to the Chinese Huayan-School

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