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[Information] Ministry of Education Presents Taiwanese Input Method

Posted by apophasis 
[Information] Ministry of Education Presents Taiwanese Input Method (Chinese Version)

Merit Times & Mandarin Daily News (2010/06/19) Ministry of Education presented “Taiwan's Minnan Input Method” (trans. temp.) on June 18. National Languages Committee pointed out, in the past, the users need to transcribe Minnan (Taiwanese) into Mandarin phonetics in the head when typing. With the new input method for Taiwanese, which Ministry of Education appointed an private enterprise to design and produce, Taiwanese typing will become more easy.

National Languages Committee explained, the conception of Taiwan's Minnan Input Method is similar to regular Mandarin phonetic input methods; only the input method uses Taiwanese-Romanization system rather than Mandarin phonetic system. The users can download the input method at the website of National Languages Committee and begin to use it. For example, in order to type the Taiwanese characters “尪仔” (puppet) , one need to key in “ang1” and “a2.”

Besides, the input method is provided with a “phrase-input” function. To type the words with more than two characters, one only needs to key in the initial and the vowel and then press the blank so that a list of corresponding words will be able to be selected, without having to key in the tones. For example, one can type the the word “尪仔”by keying in “anga” and the blank key.
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