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[Biotech] Yuanpei University Develops New Process to Make 25-Year Aged Puer Tea in Two Months

Posted by gustav 
[Biotech] Yuanpei University Develops New Process to Make 25-Year Aged Puer-Tea in Two Months (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper & udn.com (2010/05/27) Taiwan tea leaves with special aspergillus can become 25-year aged Puer-tea in two months of natural fermentation. Its healthy ingredients are even two to three times than the ordinary Puer. The new technique developed by Yuanpei University has drawn the attention of the tea industry.

A high quality Puer-tea brick takes at least 25 years to ferment so that the tea would appear a special aroma and an amber-like color. Department of Biotechnology, Yuanpei University, has spent ten years studying an efficient method to make aged Puer-tea. During the period of study, they studied and discovered 140 ingredients in Puer, among which is the key aspergillus to its fermentation. The aspergillus after developed through a special process can make Taiwan tea leaves tasted as similar as 25-year aged Puer in two months. Its special ingredients like GABA (Aminobutyric acid) and statin can stabilize the nerve and reduce lipid.

Dean of College of Health Sciences, Yuanpei University, Chih-Cheng LIN said, with the new process, everyone would be allowed to enjoy the precious Puer-tea and its healthy ingredients with a more rational price. The department was now focusing on developing another process to make Puer with the tea dust. Aged Puer, however, has its historical value and its unique aroma which is difficult to imitate. The instant Puer is not intended to compete with the aged Puer. Now the situation is not clear yet how the instant Puer tea would have impact on the Puer market.

Further Information:
China Times E-paper 2010/05/27 (Chinese)
Udn.com 2010/05/27 (Chinese)

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