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[Aerospace] Sounding Rocket No. 7 Completes the Experiments

Posted by gustav 
[Aerospace] Sounding Rocket No. 7 Completes the Experiments (Chinese Version)

NSPO Latest News, CNA News (2010/05/10), RTI & Now News (2010/05/06) Sounding Rocket No. 7, whose rocket and payload are both domestically made, launched on May 5,has completed its voyage and the data collected by the payload has also been downloaded successfully. Sounding Rocket No.7's mission is to measure the “irregularities” in the ionosphere, shedding light on the impact of the ionosphere to the GPS communications. Three months later an official report will be announced.

NSPO's second-phased aerospace technology development program aims at suborbital measurements. On the one hand, the measurements are expected to enhance the development of the aerospace technology's civilian application. On the other hand, Taiwan's independent R&D capacity to construct aerospace instruments is also expected to be elevated through the program. Since 1998, the launch of Sounding Rocket No.1, NSPO has launched rockets six times, conducting the physical experiments on atmospheric airglow, ionosphere, the plasma density in the atmosphere, etc., as well as flight validations of technologies such as GPS, magnetometer, etc.

Sounding Rocket No.7's payload set is developed by the team from National Central University. It consists of two ion traps, a retarding potential analyzer, a langmuir probe, an aspectmeter and a GPS. The synchronized operation of the six payloads on the suborbital experiments has made a new record in Taiwan's history of aerospace technology development. The data collected by the payloads include those of the plasma density, ion temperature, electron temperature, the rocket's flight coordinates and its motion.

This program not only aims at elevating the aerospace technology but also at talent cultivation. Five senior high school students from Fudan High School, Taoyuan County, have participated in the program since two years ago. In the future, more and more young students will be invited to take part in NSPO's program in order to culture the young talents.

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