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[Electro-Optic] New Lighting Equipment “Induction Lamp” Makes its Debut in 2010 Taiwan International Lighting Show

Posted by gustav 
[Electro-Optic] New Lighting Equipment “Induction Lamp” Makes its Debut in 2010 Taiwan International Lighting Show (Chinese Version)

TSSD News (2010/03/15), Commercial Times & CNA News (2010/03/10) Amko Solara Lighting Co. presented its new advanced lighting equipment “Solara Induction Lamp (IND lamps)” in the 2010 Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) on March 14. Amko's IND lamps are based on electro-magnetic fields accelerating and energizing the electrons inside the tube, making it 100% efficient with loss existing only in the circuitry and wires itself, at a power factor of 0.95. Owing to its high efficiency, the lifespan of the lamp is decided totally by the phosphor. Its average lifespan can thus last one hundred thousand hours. The average lumen after sixty thousand hours is still 60% of the original lumen.

The company said, beside of its long lifespan, IND lamp's lighting effect can reach 70 to 90 lm/W, double of the lighting effect of CCFL, T8 fluorescent tubes or LED. Moreover, IND lamp has distinguished features such as high color rendering, high power factor, no flicker, instant start, strong adaptability to extreme temperature, and recyclability. IND lamp can also be connected with intelligent monitoring system saving the electricity consumption. Each Solara IND lamp can also bidirectionally communicate with the control center via the smart grid so that a comprehensive monitoring of the lighting status and the fail report can be provided, which can greatly decrease the maintenance costs.

Amko Solara Lighting Co., belonging to Amko Group, was incorporated in Taiwan in 2007, specialized in lighting equipment and electronic ballasts.

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