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[Resources][International Cooperation] Abundant Reserve of Flammable Ice Explored in Taiwan

Posted by gustav 
[Resources][International Cooperation] Abundant Reserve of Flammable Ice Explored in Taiwan (Chinese Version)

Central Geological Survey Newsletter (2009/12/25) & The Liberty Times (2009/12/26) Central Geological Survey, MoEA, announced that a large reserve of flammable ice is explored, and the reported reserve of this kind of energy resource which is cleaner than fossil fuels, is estimated to suffice for domestic need for over fifty years. Taiwan will cooperate with Germany on further exploration and mining.

CGS explains flammable ice does not belong to the traditional fuels. It is much cleaner. A large reserve of flammable ice has been discovered since 2004 in the offshore sea area along Kaohsiung and Pintung. The total quantity of methane in that area is reported over five hundred billion stere, which will be enough to supply for the domestic demand for over fifty years. However, although Taiwan has such a rich reserve, the exploration and mining techniques still depend on the more advanced country. CGS says, nonetheless, Germany will help Taiwan explore and develop the related techniques; once the technical development is catching up the pace, the mining and the carbon dioxide sequestration will be synchronically done. Hopefully Taiwan may gain more energy independence.

CGS pointed out, the present trend of carbon dioxide sequestration is to synchronize the process, injecting carbon dioxide into the deep layer of the seabed and making it solid carbohydrate dioxide, with the mining of natural gas hydrate (NGH), so that two birds are killed in one shot. CGS will vigorously integrate the research resources in Taiwan in terms of the thermodynamic characteristics of methane gas and its molecular simulation etc. in order to help develop the technology.

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