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[生物][生態][科技政策] 副總統出席國際名家論壇─全球生物多樣拯救行動座談會

[生物][生態][科技政策] 副總統出席國際名家論壇─全球生物多樣拯救行動座談會

蕭萬長副總統於今(2009)年四月四日下午出席在台北市國家圖書館舉行,由龍應台文化基金會舉辦的國際名家論壇─全球生物多樣拯救行動,全程以英文致詞,歡迎論壇主講人彼得‧雷文(Peter H. Raven)教授的來訪,並肯定這位台灣的好友為台灣生物多樣性拯救與維護工作的貢獻。



總統府新聞稿 2009/04/04

[Biology][Ecology][Sci-Tech Policy] Vice President Attending “Global Action on the Rescue of Endangered Biodiversity”

Vice President Vincent SIEW attended Lung Yingtai Cultural Foundation's “Global Action on the Rescue of Endangered Biodiversity”conference at Taipei National Central Library Conference Hall on 4th-Apr., 2009. SIEW addressed in English welcoming the speaker Professor Peter H. RAVEN, approving this friend of Taiwan's contribution to the task of biodiversity conservation in Taiwan.

Vice President pointed out, the initial contact between Professor RAVEN and Taiwan could be traced back to 1990s, when RAVEN first visited Asia. He suggested Taiwan government to establish a national bio-tech research center, which was immediately accepted by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan and became a long-term executed project. This is regarded as a significant groundwork for the development of biotechnology in Taiwan. In 2000, Professor RAVEN and Dr. Yuan Tseh LEE co-held the conference “the Future of Biodiversity in Taiwan,” as a result of which Academia Sinica established the Biodiversity Research Institute, combining fields such as biology, biotechnology, ecology etc. and offering more practical models of idealization and applications on issues relevant to biodiversity.

Vice President addressed, too, that since national sustainable development is one of Taiwan's major goals, the government cares about the conservation of environment and biodiversity; the value of biodiversity technologies is of course regarded as one of the most important economic values. Besides, the results of the relevant researches can accelerate the development of bio-technologies, which is exactly one of Taiwan's Six Major New Industries in the government's plan.

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