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[摘錄] 722 慘案,挪威政治領袖與媒體回應 [曾柏文Blog]

[摘錄] 722 慘案,挪威政治領袖與媒體回應 [曾柏文Blog]

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[摘錄] 722 慘案,挪威政治領袖與媒體回應 [曾柏文Blog]


“We must never give up our values.
We must show that our open society can pass this test too.
That the answer to violence is even more democracy.
Even more humanity. But never naivity.
That is something we owe the victims and their families.”
- Prime Minister Stoltenberg, 22:00, 22, July, 2011

後來外長也出面召開記者會,最後說到。「明天你見到的挪威,又會是你認識的挪威….. 挪威民主的本質不會改變。挪威會站起來繼續參與世界,投入我們的資源與信念。」

“The Norway that you meet tomorrow will be recognizable. We will stand up for the values that made the island Utøya possible. The Labour youth movement has expressed very clearly that “we will take Utøya back". The youth of Norway will take Utøya back and we will help them in doing so. The nature of the Norwegian democracy will not change. Norway will continue to stand for engagement in the world where we commit our resources and our convictions.”
- Foreign Affair Minister, Mr. Jonas Gahr Støre, 14:30 23 July 2011


“We will use a long time to digest and adapt to impressions, grief, and feelings. People all over the country have lost someone they love. Many children and young people are frightened today. We must take special care of them,”

“The Norwegian Peoples’ strength, bravery, and solidarity become apparent when our nation is put to the test…. I hold fast in the belief that freedom is stronger than fear, in an open Norwegian democracy and society, in our possibility to live free and securely in our own country.”

- HRH King Harald


“We should not let fear paralyse our ability to think clearly and wisely…”
- Harald Stanghelle, political editor of the daily Aftenbladet

“we must avoid being preoccupied by fear, like the US was after 11 September 2001. Rather, we must look to Spain and England and how the people of those nations recovered their freedom after the horrible terrorist acts”
- Lars Helle, editor of the daily Dagbladet