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Nishida Kitaro's "Philosophy Path"

Posted by gustav 
Nishida Kitaro's "Philosophy Path"

Nishida Kitaro's "Philosophy Path"
November 13, 2013 at 8:50pm, Kyoto

This morning I took my very first walk on Nishida Kitaro's philosophy path. It was a very lovely morning, sun shine and occasionally little rain. The trees were full of so many colors and the river was just singing. Suddenly I saw many people were crowded on the path, and when I was getting closer, to my surprise, a very very dramatical scene was unveiled before my eyes. I saw a pair of an old couple, the lady in wheel chair while the old gentleman was pushing his wife. This might be their habituated morning walk on the philosophy path. It was probably about time for this old gentleman to face. When I got close to the scene, the old gentleman was lying on the ground, with rigid upper body, open mouth and open yet soulless eyes, while his legs kept shaking. Some young folks talked and one called for ambulance and some other went to call for the shopkeepers who merchandised on the path. I was in a hurry to my academic duty, so I could not stay. As I was leaving the scene, I turned back and looked again at the old couple. At this moment, I saw the old lady in the wheel chair, seeming to notice of the sudden death of her dear husband lying behind her back, taking out her handkerchief from her purse slowly and wiping off the tears in her eyesockets. I did not know if they were married because of love, but I was sure that the departure definitely was the most genuine love I had ever seen! And this was my very first encounter with Nishida Kitaro's "Philosophy Path".

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