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[轉錄] 用英文介紹公司與工廠

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[轉錄] 用英文介紹公司與工廠

分類標籤: 翻譯  英文學習
標題: [英文] 用英文介紹公司與工廠

Company Introduction = 公司介紹
Good morning = 早安
everyone = 各位
I am Johnson , the Business manager in AAP / Taiwan Region.
First, we will let our sales manager present our company; secondly, we will visit our factory. In the end, a short product demonstration will be given by us.

First = 首先
Secondly = 接下來
in the end = 最後

On the agenda item number 5 is Q&A time.
議程上的第 5 個事項, 是問答時間.
Company Overview
Establishment = 設立時間
Capital = 資本額
Revenue = 營業額
Headquarter = 總部
Employees = 員工
Certifications = 認證
Do you have any branch offices?
Branch offices = 分公司
Currently = 目前
Shows the company organization slide.
Our company comprises three major departments.
They are Business manager dept. , Product manager dept. , RD dept.,
Our Department Head, Mr. Jerry Kao , is in charge of these tree departments.
a flat organization = 扁平化組織
As you can see = 如您所見
from the year of 2006 =從2006年開始
our sales revenues increase gradually. = 公司營業額逐年增加
increase dramatically = 突破性的增加
drop drastically = 營業額大大下降
In the year of 2006, our sales revenue reached US$10 Million. = 在2006年我們的業績是$10M
We predict that in the incoming year , the forecast of our sales revenue will be US$ 20 Million.
predict = 預估
in the incoming year = 明年
You are right. = 是的.
We are confident that we can make it.
How is your marketing share?
Our marketing share is ... percent
Shipped more than one hundred million
Occupied ten percent of the total market.
Occupied = 已佔用的
of course = 當然
next year is going to be twenty percent.
all kinds of = 各式各樣
Sole agent = 獨家代理

Our company was established/founded in 2006.
Our headquarter/factory is located in... = 我們 總部/工廠 位於...
There are two branch offices in China. One is in Shanghai. The order one is in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is branch office which report to Shanghai which is Headquarter of China Region. Shanghai office is the headquarter of China region. The head office of the China region is located in Shanghai.
We have about 380 employees now.
370 people are in Taiwan and the rest of them are in china.
Our company is certified with ISO9001 and all of our product have the certification of CE and FCC.
We are awarded "The best Design" form Red Dot this year.

Reception = 櫃台接待客戶
I am sorry to keep you waiting.
Do you have jet lag?
Jet Lag = 時差
Please let me know if this is possible.
I am very glad to meet you.
The pleasure is all mine.
Do not worry.
prepare = 準備
Please take the elevator to the second floor.
elevator (美式) = 電梯 = lift (英式)

Introducing your colleague = 介紹同事
he will be in charge of the Notebook Business.
in charge of = 負責
under the charge of = 由...管理
Mr. Black is our product manager.

I have heard a lot about you.
hear of = 聽說
nice to meet you.
Here is my business card. May I have yours?
是我的名片, 可以跟您請教一張名片?
Would you like something to drink?

Q&A 會話
Thank you for your time. = 謝謝您的聆聽
Do you have any questions? = 有任何問題嗎?
I will check with .... , and tell you..... = 我會與...確認, 並告知您.
I hope I have answered all of your questions. = 我希望我已經回答您所有的問題
For further questions, Please feel free to contact me after the meeting. = 若有進一步的問題, 會後可隨時與我聯絡.

Meeting agenda = 會議議程

Factory Visit
Future Business Model
Free Discussion

Conclusion = 結論
These ware the presentation that I want to cover today. = 以上為今天的簡報內容.
The meeting will conclude with the following points. = 會議將以下列幾點作為結論.
Thank you for your time and attention. = 謝謝您撥空參與.