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[Information] TWNIC: The Era of Pure Chinese-Script Domain Name Comes

Posted by apophasis 
[Information] TWNIC: The Era of Pure Chinese-Script Domain Name Comes (Chinese Version)

RTI (2010/08/17) Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) announced on August 17 that ICANN ( The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the non-profitable public-benefit corporation playing a coordination role of the Internet's naming system) has successfully included “.台灣” in the Global Root Server. In the near future, the domain names that end with traditional or simplified Chinese script “.台灣” will become available, and the users who speak Chinese does not have to get struggled with romanian alphabet urls.

To meet the increasing demand for pure Chinese urls, TWNIC began to promote the relevant affairs and techniques since 2000. Since ICANN's “IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process” was open in 2009, 31 fast track requests representing 19 languages have been received, including TWNIC's “.台灣” request submitted in the second half of June.

TWNIC pointed out, the future domain names could use pure Chinese script, the Chinese-speaking users does not have to memorize the domain names containing Latin alphabets. The opening date for the registration of “.台灣” will be officially announced later after the whole process is completed.

TWNIC rul: http://www.twnic.net.tw/

RTI 2010/08/17 (Chinese)

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