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[Sci-Tech Policy][Energy] German Windpower Firm InfraVest to Quit Taiwan

Posted by gustav 
[Sci-Tech Policy][Energy] German Windpower Firm InfraVest to Quit Taiwan (Chinese Version)

BCC, Now News, udn.com (2010/02/25) & CNA News (2010/02/24) German wind-power firm InfraVest GmbH plans to quit Taiwan because it is dissatisfied with Taiwan's policies regarding renewable energy, especially TaiPower's purchase price (2.38 NT dollars per kwh). Yun-yi WANG, vice manager of InfraVest (Taiwan), is quoted as saying that the company, which has about 60 staff in Taiwan, has dismissed 10 people and plans to lay off more staff within two months; once the assets are completely sold out, the firm will turn to Fujian, China.

Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, points out that the purchase price is finally determined after several public hearings and reviewings. All parts of the procedure and data are open for public comments. The result aims not at satisfying the enterprises nor is considered merely from the enterprises' perspective. If the purchase price of TaiPower is lifted, the end consumers' must pay more for electricity; hence, the acceptance of the end consumers needs to be considered, too. Moreover, after the purchase price of the renewable energy is announced, the other participated enterprises except InfraVest do not complain and do not announce to quit; on the contrary, photovoltaic enterprises plan to enhance the investment.

The largest wind power company TaiPower tells the press that the purchase price announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs is still profitable; if InfraVest plans to sell its assets, TaiPower may want to purchase.

Officials from Bureau of Energy respond that it is not proper to compare Taiwan's purchase price with other countries', for each country has different conditions. Taiwan promises to purchase for twenty years, which is longer than many other countries; besides, in Taiwan, the wind field is better while the cost is lower. These conditions need to be taken account, as well.

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