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[Academia-industrial Collaboration] NTU Unveils Steel Research Center

Posted by techman 
[Academia-industrial Collaboration] NTU Unveils Steel Research Center (Chinese Version)

CNA (2011/11/16) National Taiwan University (NTU) unveiled a steel research center on campus Wednesday (November 16) in an effort to meet the demands of scientific change with advanced technology.

In collaboration with China Steel Corp. (CSC), Taiwan's largest steel maker, and Brazil's Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineracao (CBMM), the world's top producer of niobium -- a chemical used to strengthen steel -- NTU hopes to use the new center to combine local and foreign resources in the research and development of advanced steel technologies and to become a pioneer in the field.

With the school's 39 years of expertise in materials science, along with resources provided by the two steel companies, it is very likely that it will be able to develop environmentally friendly products, said Jer-ren YANG, a materials science professor at NTU and director of the research center.

Meanwhile, David JARRETA, a CBMM consultant, said his company does not have any labs or R&D facilities of its own but has been supporting over 100 related academic research programs all over the world to provide cutting-edge technologies.

Praising the NTU research center as one of the best for microstructure characterization, JARRETA said CBMM is planning to seek more cooperation opportunities with Taiwan.

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