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[Environment] GM Foods Implies Plenty Hidden Dangers, Scholar Urges to Enhance Taiwan's Agricultural Independence

Posted by techman 
[Environment] GM Foods Implies Plenty Hidden Dangers, Scholar Urges to Enhance Taiwan's Agricultural Independence (Chinese Version)

Lihpao Daily (2011/04/10) The 8th NGOs Conference on the Environment kicked off in Taipei on April 10. The topic of this year's conference was “the path to harmony between people and the environment”, discussing about the possible daily life risks. Professor Warren H. J. KUO lectured on the risks and lies of GM foods (genetically modified foods), exposing the health risks of the GM foods frequently seen in the market.

During the past three decades, genetical modification technology has developed rapidly. Since 1995, a public urge began to emerge in the U.S. that the government ought to start the control of GM food and demand the GM companies to clearly label their GM products. According to the statistics in the U.S., about 96% of the people agree to the GM food label policy, but up to today, the labeling of GM foods is not legally required yet in the U.S.

One of the main reasons for the shortage of the state power with regard to GM foods labeling policy is the influence of these well-connected GM foods companies. They tried several measures to convince the people that GM foods were safe. Besides of producing invalid reports, several GM foods companies were involved in bribing governmental officials and controlling the academics. It was once reported that 26 corn pests experts delivered anonymous complaints that certain GM foods companies tried to restrict their research and reports through certain measures.

Professor Warren H. J. KUO pointed out, although Taiwan legally forbid GM plants, it had been obvious that the coastal areas of Fujian Province, P.R.C., were polluted by GM rice plants. He worried that if these rice seeds in these areas goes into Taiwan, Taiwan farming lands would be polluted as well. He suggested, the restriction of GM foods/plants should be lifted to higher legal levels than the present administrative decrees.

Professor Warren H. J. KUO suggested, the government should strengthen the control of GM foods and seriously keep the GM food labeling policy; on the other side, the government should also try to help the farmers to produce fine quality product so that the food independence can be enhanced, avoiding the import of the GM products.

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