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[Ecology Conservation] Taiwan Trout Habitat Extended!

Posted by techman 
[Ecology Conservation] Taiwan Trout Habitat Extended!

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[Ecology Conservation] Taiwan Trout Habitat Extended! (Chinese Version)

The Liberty Times (2011/02/20) After several failures, Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters finally succeeded in releasing cultured Taiwan Trout in Luoyehwui River, twenty more kilometers away from Cijiawan River – the released fish had succeeded in breeding, and the successive generation had grown in about one inch long.

Source: Shei-pa National Park Headquarters, duplicated by
The Liberty Times journalist Rui-Chen CHANG (trans. temp., 張瑞楨)

According to the field survey made in 1980 during the Japanese-ruled period, Taiwan Trout could be found all over the main- and sub-streams of Dajia River. During the past few decades, Taiwan Trout habitat kept shrunk, until now when they could be found around Cijiawan River and Gaoshan River in an extension about twenty kilometers.

Chief of Wuling Station, Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters, Linyen LIAO (trans. temp., 廖林彥) pointed out, the headquarters kept trying but failing to find potential habitats for Taiwan Trout. He said, they had released more than three hundred fry in two wild rivers, among which less than twenty could survive after one year. Many people suspected that the various environmental pollutions in the potential habitats were the main causes of their failure in surviving. However, according to the station's survey, the main causes should be the rapid intermittent changes of the rivers between the wet season and the dry season, and consequently that the cultured fish need to reacquire the ability to adapt the changes. He explained, according to the station's statistics, the initial survival rate in general was 30%, but most of the survived could be washed away during heavy shower season for these fish had not yet trained themselves to hide from the swift currents.

Recently, a good news of Taiwan Trout releasing was reported. The released fry had succeeded in adapting to the wild in an unknown river belonging to the sub-stream of the upper stream of Dajia River, named temporally following the mountain name Luoyehwui. In June, 2009, 150 fry of subadult Taiwan Trout between one to two years old were released and well-adapted. The headquarters then tried to release 350 young fry in May and 30 subadult fry in October, 2010. The survival rates of both groups were high. The headquarters told the press, they had made plans according to the obtained experiences from Luoyehwui River to find new habitats for Taiwan Trout.

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The Liberty Times 2011/02/20 (Chinese)

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