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[科技政策] 劉揆:國家型科技計畫應建立退場機制

[科技政策] 劉揆:國家型科技計畫應建立退場機制

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[科技政策] 劉揆:國家型科技計畫應建立退場機制


1. 第八次全國科技會議
2. 中央社 2009/01/15
3. 中廣新聞 2009/01/15

[SCI-TECH POLOCY] Premier Liu: Exit Mechanism Should Be Set for National Sci-Tech Programs

Premier Liu Chao-shiuan addressed at the closing ceromony of the 8th National Wide Science & Technology Conference (15th-Jan.) that the exit mechanism should be set for national sci-tech programs, and the number of research universities should be reduced with strategic planning as well, for the sake of better resource allocation. Premier Liu hoped the conference team could put off the dismission after the conference until they figure out an action plan in accordence with the issues raised therein.

1. The 8th National Wide Science & Technology Conference
2. CNA-News 2009/01/15 (in Chinese)
3. BCC-News 2009/01/15 (in Chinese)

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