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[Academic Administration] The Third Cross-Strait Forum for University Presidents Held at NCCU on November 4

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[Academic Administration] The Third Cross-Strait Forum for University Presidents Held at NCCU on November 4 (Chinese Version)

NCCU Campus News (2010/11/02), RTI (2010/11/04) & China Times E-paper (2010/11/05) The third cross-strait forum for university presidents took place on Nomvember 4, 2010. The forum is the biggest higher education exchange event between the straits. It is also for the first time for the forum to take place in Taiwan. The forum this year is themed “Knowledge and Creativity: the Higher Education in Globalization” (trans. temp.). Representatives from fifty-four significant institutes of higher education between the straits gather and discuss about the topic, and try to conclude the strategies and cooperative mechanisms for the educational challenges in the forthcoming era.

The third cross-strait forum for university presidents include members of the representatives of the major universities in Taiwan, the major national engineering universities, and the universities highly engaged in cross-strait exchanges. Since 2006, the forum has taken place for two times in FuZhou and Xiamen in China respectively. The third forum, hosted by National Chengchi University, is the first time in Taiwan. Twenty-eight universities in Taiwan and twenty-five universities in China take parts in the event.

At the opening address, the Chair of National Culture Association, Taiwan, Chao-shiuan LIU said, Chinese culture is the cross-strait largest common denominator, and it thus should be the starting point of the cross-strait interchanges; during the past few years of the post-cross-strait direct links era, the economic and trading development as well as with regard to the talent cultivation, industrial development, and information communications in relation to it, have grown rapidly, but how to invigorate Chinese culture and embody her autonomous subjectivity under the trend of globalization is our present urgent common question.

After the Legislative Yuan passed “the three acts relating to the students from Mainland China,” the cross-strait double educational systems program, which was previously regarded as the most non-controversial issue and as the soonest item that could be realized, still failed to work, because in Mainland China the degrees are conferred by the Ministry of Education while in Taiwan the degrees are conferred by the universities, so that the students from Taiwan under the double systems program may fail to receive the degrees in Mainland China.

Chief of the Department of Higher Education Cho-Fey HO said, a platform of communication between the straits with regard to the higher education administration is needed to get prepared for the possible problems that may occur in the future. President of Renmin University Baocheng JI agreed and said that the cross-strait higher educational interchanges should be institutionalized and regularized, and that the details for students exchanges, teachers exchanges and mutual degree recognition etc. should be determined as soon as possible.

Besides, whether the students from Mainland China could be included in the National Health Insurance system became another major concern. Director of the Department of Health, Taiwan, Chih-liang YANG said that he had an intuition that this should be done, while, on the contrary, Deputy Convenor of the National Health Insurance Task Force Tung-kuang CHU said that considering the cross-strait reciprocal principle, the students from Mainland China are not icluded in the system by now.

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