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[Nuclear Waste] Daren and Wuciou Selected to Be Potential Final Repositories for Nuclear Waste; Local People Demur

Posted by techman 
[Nuclear Waste] Daren and Wuciou Selected to Be Potential Final Repositories for Nuclear Waste; Local People Demur (Chinese Version

CNA, Now News & The Liberty Times (2010/09/13) State-owned Enterprise Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs, (MOEASEC) said on September 13 that the committee selecting sites of potential final repositories for nuclear waste has reached the determination and chooses Daren Township, Taitung County, and Wuciou Township, Kinmen County, to be the potential sites for the nuclear waste final repositories. The announcement has been made by MOEA, and the forthcoming procedures and measures such as referendum and EIA (environmental impact assessment) may still take a long time.

In the end of December, 2009, the committee selecting potential sites for nuclear waste final repositories recommended Daren Township, Taitung County, and Wangan Township, Penghu County, as the suggested sites. Because of the demur by Penghu County Government, quoting Cultural Heritage Preservation Act and claiming that certain part of the suggested area was located in Penghu South Ocean Columnar Basalt Nature Reserve, the selection procedure of the committee had to suspend until the number of the suggested sites meets the requirement.

On September 1, 2010, the committee gathered again and decided the sites to be Nantien Village, Daren Townshp, Taitung County, and Siaociou Village, Wuciou Township, Kinmen County, by vote. The decision has been announced by MOEA on September 10.

After the announcement of these two potential sites, several procedures are still required, including awaiting the submission of volunteered sites, referendum and EIA. In the following four months after the announcement, volunteered site application will be anticipated. If there is no volunteers, the committee will receive MOEASEC's suggested sites list and approve the suggested sites officially.

Wuciou Township Chief and the Chair of Township Council both expressed disapproval to the decision, and showed the township resolution to refuse the repository. The Township Chief said, 12 years ago TaiPower Company had come to Wuciou and began the construction of radiant waste repository in Siaociou; to reimburse, TaiPower promised to offer 150 million NT dollars, but in the end the town only received 100 million NT dollars, and the construction was ended halfway. TaiPower had lost the trust of the town residents, the Township Chief said.

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