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[Information][Humanities & Social Sciences] Enriching German E-Resources in Taiwan, NCCU's German Research Database Begins to Operate

Posted by gustav 
[Information][Humanities & Social Sciences] Enriching German E-Resources in Taiwan, NCCU's German Research Database Begins to Operate (Chinese Version)

NCCU Campus News (2010/03/05) National Chengchi University (NCCU) with National Science Council's 39-million-NT-dollar financial support has completed the construction of a German research database. On March 4, NCCU libraries and NSC's Department of Humanities and Social Sciences held a press conference introducing the project. Vice President of NCCU Dr. Bih-jaw LIN told the press, European culture and languages have rich and diverse heritage, and hence the project is significant regarding Taiwan's academic development, education and cross-cultural interactions. He hoped that the government can continue supporting the project.

The Director-General of the project, Director of NCCU Libraries as well, Jyi-shane LIU told the press, the vision of the project is to collect the global German research materials in the fields of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, so that the scholars in Taiwan can keep pace with the global trends and development. Meanwhile, the project may also benefit Taiwan's long-term development of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, enhancing Taiwan's research energy and competitiveness.

LIU also said, the project website has been completed, and it will be kept updated. With the online platform, the interactions of the communities of German research in Taiwan will become more convenient, and the resources can be well integrated and easily shared. The project by now has included 254 free databanks for the public and 8 licensed databanks including famous jurisprudence databases “Juris Online” and “Beck Online”; literature databases “DasinD Online” and “BDSL”; linguistic database “BLLDB”; Art database “AKL”; and the comprehensive databases “IBZ” and “Digizeitschriften.” Besides, classical audio-visual collections are included, too.

He pointed out, the future focus of the project will be holding international conferences, promoting inter-library services and German teaching services and consultation. By this project, he wished to enrich the German collection in Taiwan and enhance the depth as well as the scope of German resources. Also, the project will continue to listen to the demands of the German communities in Taiwan in order to broaden the scope of the databanks and the target groups.

The Co-Director of the project, as well as the Dean of Research and Development, NCCU, Professor Li-Fang CHOU said, German culture is very influential to Taiwan's studies of law, literature, history, philosophy, art, education, sociology etc. Hence, the German E-resources databanks can make up the long-term ignorance of European databanks. With the result of the project, humanities and social sciences scholars in Taiwan will be able to reach the latest and comprehensive materials in the world.

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