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[Information][History] NCCU and Academia Historica Present “Taiwan Governor-General Office's Official Bulletins Database”

Posted by gustav 
[Information][History] NCCU and Academia Historica Present “Taiwan Governor-General Office's Official Bulletins Database” (Chinese Version)

NCCU Campus News (2010/02/25) The “Taiwan Governor-General Office's Official Bulletins Database” (trans. temp.) coworked by National Chengchi University (NCCU) and Academia Historica makes the debut on February 25. This is the first complete presentation of the image data of the official bulletins of the Japanese-ruled Taiwan Governor-General Office in public. With such a digital database, researchers can reach the previous materials more conveniently.

Source: Academia Historica

Taiwan Governor-General Office was the highest authority in Japanese-ruled Taiwan. Its Taiwan Governor-General Official Bulletins is similar to the present government bulletins, covering up the announcement of legislation, Japanese Emperor's edicts, the administrative orders, city plans, and policy promotions, etc. The materials in Taiwan Governor-General Official Bulletins not only contains precious information about the general administrative system, judicial system, military system, etc., in Japanese-ruled period, but also gives plenty of information for compiling the provincial, county or city gazetteers, Taiwan area studies, and historical project researches in Japanese-ruled Taiwan.

Both sides spent more than one year building the database. Academia Historica took the charge in bibliographic meta-data archiving, image scanning and digitalization, and original materials analysis; NCCU library completed the meta-data format, the system requirement specification and the construction of the system platform. The database is immediately available from February 25 on.

The Link: Taiwan Governor-General Office's Official Bulletins Database

Further Information:
NCCU Campus News 2010/02/25 (Chinese)

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