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[Sci-Tech Policy][Biotch] Taiwan's BioBank Act through Third Reading

Posted by gustav 
[Sci-Tech Policy][Biotch] Taiwan's BioBank Act through Third Reading (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper & Radio Taiwan International (2010/01/07) Legislative Yuan just gave final approval to the BioBank Act on January 7, by which the right to establish BioBank is exclusively entitled to governmental, medical and academic institutions solely for the purpose of bio-medical researches, ruling out the judicial purpose. Added to the restriction is also the remark that the sample collection needs to follow the medical and academic ethical codes and the participants have to be notified of the purpose and scope of the sample utilization. The legislator proposing the bill thinks after the act's third reading we make a balance between academic research and human rights protection.

Since 2005, Academia Sinica, appointed by the Department of Health, has begun the execution of the initial development of Taiwan BioBank. However, without a legal basis, worries about the privacy invasion have kept occurring as well. Lawmaker Sue-ying HUANG who proposed the bill said, bio-medical technology in Taiwan is quite advanced, but our regulations for the field are still undeveloped; now the Act has been through the third reading, which is supposed to remove the development drop between technology and human rights protection.

The approved act entitles research institutes and hospitals the right to establish BioBank for specific groups or diseases. Accordingly, the participants need to be well informed of the necessary information in written form and the written agreement of the participants is required. The participants' privacy needs to be protected. Besides, the information can only be used exclusively for research purpose. Judicial purpose such as paternity test or criminal DNA identification is ruled out.

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