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[Intensive Agriculture] Taiwan Develops Way to Grow Pesticide-free Chrysanthemums

Posted by techman 
[Intensive Agriculture] Taiwan Develops Way to Grow Pesticide-free Chrysanthemums (Chinese Version)

CNA - Focus Taiwan (2012/01/11) Taiwan has developed a way to grow a type of chrysanthemum, often used to brew tea, without the help of pesticides, a breakthrough the country hopes will boost its competitiveness against China-grown flowers, the Council of Agriculture said January 11.

The effort to develop the pesticide-free chrysanthemum variety, known as chrysanthemum morifolium, was launched in response to frequent reports of chemical contamination of the flowers, the council's Tea Research and Extension Station said.

The new method was successfully verified via experiments in Tongluo Township, Miaoli County, one of the two main areas in Taiwan where the flower is grown, Station Director You-jen CHEN said.

A nutritional spray was provided to replace pesticides that farmers were using to deal with a problem they thought related to pests but in fact was because of a lack of iron in the soil, CHEN said.

The station also taught farmers to cut off the flowers' buds where insects were most likely to appear and then dry the collected buds under the sun to kill the worms, preventing them from affecting the flowers or spreading around the farm.

These methods have helped reduce the use of pesticides by more than 90 percent, CHEN said.

Since the station and the Taitung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station began working together to help farmers use new fertilizers last year, most locally grown flowers have met food safety standards.

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