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[Academics] Friends of Academia Sinica Association Established

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[Academics] Friends of Academia Sinica Association Established

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[Academics] Friends of Academia Sinica Association Established (Chinese Version)

Academia Sinica Newsletter (2011/02/18) In order to facilitate contact with ex-employees and friends of Academia Sinica, and promote cooperation among academia, government and industry, on February 17th, 2011, a new association entitled the "Friends of Academia Sinica Association" (FASA) was established. Academician Cheng-Wen WU was elected as the first president.

Over the 83 years since its establishment, tens of thousands of people have worked at Academia Sinica. These people are now spread widely throughout Taiwan and the world, providing their services in various specializations to many different organizations in many different capacities. In order to strengthen personal friendships and promote cooperation, starting in February 2010, Academician Wu and other 31 advocators started preparations for the establishment of an association to bring people with special connections to Academia Sinica together.

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Media Contacts:
Dr. Cheng-Wen WU, Academia Sinica,
ken@ibms.sinica.edu.tw (Tel) 886-2-2652-3015
Mei-hui LIN, Office of Public Affairs, Central Office of Administration, Academia Sinica, mhlin313@gate.sinica.edu.tw
(Tel) 886-2-2789-8821 (Fax) 886-2-2782-1551 (M) 0921-845-234

Further Information:
Academia Sinica Newsletter 2011/02/18

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