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[Information Application] Taiwan Innovates Advanced Pedestrian Navigation System

Posted by techman 
[Information Application] Taiwan Innovates Advanced Pedestrian Navigation System (Chinese Version)

CNA (2010/12/21) The Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) presented the development result of the         
Pedestrian Navigation R&D Alliance (trans. temp.) organized by the department on December 21. With the presented technology, pedestrian navigation can become as precise as with a positioning error under three meters. With such an advanced technology, Taiwan is very potential in this industry.

Director-General of DoIT Dr. Ming-Ji WU says, pedestrian navigation is realized upon the ground of breaking through a lot of significant technological difficulties. Present GPS positioning error is between 50 to 100 meters. The alliance's development adopts several advanced techniques including FM-RDS (radio data system), and its positioning error can scale down within 3 meters. Ming-Ji WU says, this is the first seen system with such an accuracy in the globe. Besides, Taiwan has the highest share of the global PND supplies, and with the technology presented by the alliance, Taiwan has a great chance to maintain leading in the future.

Deputy Executive Secretary of the Science and Technology Advisory Group of the Executive Yuan Char-Dir CHUNG says, the result also indicates that the market of navigation software is growing, for there must be less airplanes than cars, and there must be less cars than people. Besides, it has become a trend to add diverse additional functions to the navigation device in the industry. He believes that Taiwan has gone towards a right direction.

Presently the members of the alliance have succeeded in developing relevant techniques and they are now cooperating on building the first set of pedestrian navigation software and the corresponding navigation environment.

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