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聖嚴法師 108 自在語【參】 (中英對照)

聖嚴法師 108 自在語【參】 (中英對照)

The following Adages is re-edited from Sheng Yen Education Foundation.
Simplified Chinese Version: http://www.shengyen.org.tw/newSite/upload/web108(china-en).pdf

108 Adages of Wisdom, Part III

Kind Behavior and Compassionate Vows

1 為為善惡在一念間,修修福慧於方寸中。
Doing good or doing bad is determined in one thought; blessings and wisdom are cultivated through one's mind.

2 星星之火足以燎原,小小善願能救世界。
A single spark can start a prairie fire, a tiny bit of good intention can save the world.

3 天地有作育大德,我豈無慈悲宏願。
Heaven and earth support all sentient beings without condition, should I not share the same compassionate vows?

4 救度眾生是提起,不住著相是放下。
Take on your responsibilty by delivering all sentient beings, let go of your attachment by not abiding in any form.

5 漫天紅塵心勿染,遍地荊棘杖竹行。
Do not be corrupted by worldly vexations that surround one like dust, do not be deterred by a path beset with difficulties.

6 慈悲必春風化雨,智慧當日光普照。
Compassion brings blessings like a spring breeze; wisdom shines like the warm summer sun.

7 悲善拔苦慈予樂,智火滅罪慧斷惑。
Kindness and compassion eliminate suffering and bring forth joy, wisdom eliminates wrongs and dispels false views.

8 有大智慧有大願,無量福德無量壽。
Cultivate great wisdom and great vows and one shall gain infinite blessings and infinite life.

9 若見心中如來藏,三界火宅化紅蓮。
When one sees one's own Buddha nature, the burning house that is our world turns into blooming lotus flowers.

10 應無所住而生其心,是入慈悲門。
Let your mind function freely, without abiding anywhere or in anything - this is entering the gate of kindness and compassion.

11 道心之中有施無畏。
In one's resolve to pursue the Path lies the giving of fearlessness.

12 放下萬緣時,眾生一肩挑。
When one puts down all self-centered concerns, one can lift up the world.

13 安寧身心靈,安定家與業。
As you settle your body and mind, you are well on your way to settle your family and career as well.

14 南山老松早已衰老,北斗壽星尚甚年輕。
The ancient pine tree may be hundreds of years old, yet what is hundreds of years compared to the age of the stars in the sky?

15 神龍潛藏深潭大澤,猛虎高臥危崖險窟。
The mighty dragon travels in deep seas and vast swamps, the vigorous tiger rests near high cliffs and perilous caves, the able thrive in adversities.

16 佛法無他,只有壹味,自利利人的解脫味也。
The Buddhadharma is but one flavor - the flavor of liberation through benefiting oneself and others.

17 常念觀音菩薩,心安就有平安。
Recite often the name of Guan Yin (Avalokitesavara) and you will find your way to a peaceful mind, a peaceful life.

18 朝山禮拜來修行,祈福消災願易成;口唱耳聽心恭敬,三步一拜向前行;身心舒暢好感應,業消障除福慧增。
Go on a pilgrimage to improve your practice, prayers will be answered and vows will be fulfilled; be respectful, listen intently and sing wholeheartedly, prostrate yourself after every three steps; your body and mind will feel refreshed, karmic obstructions will be removed while blessings and wisdom increase.

19 一鉢乞食千家飯,孤僧杖竹萬里遊;隨緣應化莫擁有,緣畢放身撒兩手。
Carrying a bowl filled with alms from a thousand households, I am a lone monk with a bamboo cane who has traveled ten thousand miles; knowing that all comes and goes according to causes and conditions, when causes and conditions dissipate I let go of what's in both hands.

20 放下不等放棄,是為脫困,是為提起;要能放下才能提起,提放自如是自在人。
Letting go is not giving up, rather it helps one take on new challenges. One cannot take on anything without first letting go. One who can take on and let go of anything in peace is truly free.

Wisdom of the World

21 遇事正面解讀逆向思考,成事確立方向鍥而不捨。
Interpret everything positively, consider everything from a different angle, and do not falter in pursuing one's goals.

22 路遇懸崖峭壁走過去,巧過人間仙境莫逗留。
Don't be deterred by life's trials and tribulations, don't be corrupted by worldly pleasures and indulgence.

23 權勢財富屬社會共享,禍福苦樂乃各人因緣。
Share your power and wealth with all,but treat your joys and suffering as causes and conditions of your own.

24 誘以名利權位不動心,陷於千軍萬馬無所懼。
When one is not tempted by money, power and fame, one has nothing to fear even when facing an army.

25 天不錯地不錯是心錯,他有理你有理我沒理。
When you are tempted to blame the enviroment, first look inward at your mind; when you are tempted to fault others, first reflect

26 莫怨孝子賢孫何其少,但問養育兒女怎麼教。
Ask not why one has so few good sons and filial grandsons, ask how one has brought up one's offsprings.

27 學問的領域重在研究,經驗的範疇則為實踐。
Research is key to scholarly pursuits; practice is key to genuine experience.

28 漫漫長夜無夢春宵短,茫茫苦海有船彼岸近。
The dark and long nights are easy to pass with dreamless sleep, the other shore across the sea of suffering is easy to reach with the Dharma as your boat.

29 倚般若杵碎萬千障礙,運福德斧建人間淨土。
Wisdom will help us overcome all obstacles, virtues will help us build a pure land on earth.

30 駕行般若船苦海普渡,常登涅槃山心性不動。
Command the ship of prajna (wisdom) and help those on the sea of suffering; climb the mountain of nirvana and keep one's mind unperturbed.

31 河山猶在,景物遷移;日月長運,人事全非。
As time goes by, one sees that nothing escapes the law of impermenance.

32 天上人間樂與苦,自心造作自身受。
Happiness and suffering are both created by one's own mind.

33 青山綠水廣長舌,鳥語花香說妙法。
The green mountains and bubbling streams, the chirping birds and fragrant flowers -- everything around you can be an eloquent Dharma teacher if you know where to look.

34 教育為千秋大業,賢能乃百代楷模。
Education is an undertaking that will have impact for a thousand years, morality is a lodestar that will shine for a hundred generations.

35 水深千丈終見底,山高萬里海中昇。
Even the deepest ocean is not bottomless, even the tallest mountain has a base, everything great starts small.

36 雲門日日是好日,行腳步步履芳草。
For a Buddhist, every day is a good day, everywhere is a good place.

37 世間本無垢與淨,祇緣自起分別心。
The difference between "pure" and "impure" only exists in a discriminating mind.

38 夕陽西下明天見,旭日東昇近黃昏。
When the sun sets, remember that it will rise again tomorrow; when the sun rises, remember that the sunset is not far behind.

39 戲外看戲忘了戲,夢中作夢不知夢。
Those watching a play often forget it is only a play, those dreaming often forget they are in a dream.

40 雨露霜雪本無主,風雲雷電應時現。
As soon as thunder and lightning begin, one can expect a rain storm to follow.

This is the workings of causes and conditions
41 危機化為轉機時,絕路走出活路人。
Turn a crisis into an opportunity, turn a dead end into a new path.
Heaven and hell are both in one's mind, there is no attaining
42 天堂地獄由心造,成佛作祖心外無。
Buddhahood outside of one's mind.
You are already near enlightenment if you are aware of your
43 驚覺執迷已近悟,知迷不悟錯中錯。
faults; you are near a disaster if you refuse to recongize and
Everybody says life is like a dream, so why does everybody refuse
44 人生若夢誰都會說,終生作夢怎麼不醒。
to wake from this dream?
You can plan and plot your life down to the smallest details, yet it
45 百千計畫忙碌一生,萬緣放下前程似錦。
is when you let go of all self-centered concerns that your life will
As you do not wait till you are thirsty to start digging a well, do not
46 臨渴掘井緩不濟急,即時學佛即時解惑。
wait till you are in trouble to start learning the Dharma.
When you can keep your mind unruffled by the ups and downs in
47 勿因有事而憂,寧為無事而喜。
life, you will experience true joy.
The study of Ch'an is the study of mind. All phenomena are
48 禪法即是心法,萬法由心生滅。
manifestations of one's mind.
Whoever wakes from this never-ending dream of ours will be far
49 大夢誰先覺,離夢想顛倒。
removed from illusions and inverted views
50 人上有人,山高水長。
Always keep humility in mind and one can accomplish anything.
Walking is a great way to train one's body and mind. Walking fast
helps dispel illusions, walking slowly helps nurture concentration
and wisdom.
While the moon waxes and wanes, it is always there. When all the
52 月缺月圓日,若晦若明時;風雨無月夜,月亮本常明。
obstructions are removed, it reveals itself.

53 世俗境:身如玉樹臨風,心如平湖秋月。
What characterizes an ordinary person: The body is a tree swaying in the wind, the mind a placid lake with the reflection of the autumn moon.

54 修行境:身是菩提樹,心如明鏡臺。
What characterizes a practitioner: The body is the Bodhi tree, the mind a mirror bright.

55 悟後境:菩提本無樹,明鏡亦非臺。
What characterizes one who is enlightened: There is no Bodhi tree, nor sign of a mirror bright.

56 有相無相有無相,真空假空真假空。
Existence and emptiness are one and the same.

57 交友應交直諒多聞,信佛當避怪力亂神,學法幸勿到處摸門,敬僧切忌盲從個人。
Make friends with those who are honest, sincere, and knowledgeable; have faith in the Buddhas without getting caught up by the occult; learn the Dharma without dabbling around; revere the Sangha without blindly following any individual.

Cultivating Gratitude and Blessings

Whether one finds oneself with or without blessings, continue to
58 多福少福當培福,知恩念恩必報恩。
cultivate them; recognize and remember the kindness of others
and never neglect to repay it.
A mind of kindness and compassion will resolve any rivalry ; a
59 慈悲心化解怨敵,智慧心驅除煩惱。
mind of wisdom will dispel all vexations.
Uphold the Three Jewels with a mind of reverence, spread the
60 恭敬心護持三寶,清淨心弘法利生。
Dharma and benefit others with a mind of purity.
View every experience in life with gratitude, make good use of
61 感恩心體驗生活,精進心善用生命。
one's life with diligence.
Virtues are cultivated through a sense of contrition, karmic
62 慚愧心增長福德,懺悔心消滅罪障。
obstructions are eliminated through a mind of repentance.
As we conserve and cherish our water source so that water will
63 懷恩報恩恩相續,飲水思源源不絕。
never run dry, recognize and repay the kindness of others so that
the chain of kindness will continue,.
Persistence will get you through everything, resilience will help you
64 堅韌心易度難關,長遠心可成大事。
achieve anything.
Your mind and my mind are exactly the same as the Buddha's
65 你心我心同佛心,知福惜福多培福。
mind; recognize, cherish, and nurture our blessings.
Repay one drop of kindness with abundant generosity, return the
66 涓滴之恩湧泉以饋,一飯之施粉身相報。
favor of one meal with utmost devotion.
When you have water to drink, share it with others; when you
67 取水飲水以水飲人,受恩謝恩用恩謝人。
receive kindness from others, repay it with gratitude.
Untie the knot of love and hate, of passions and enmity; instead,
68 解開愛恨情仇心結,學習慈悲喜捨心量。
learn the generosity of kindness and compassion, of sympathetic
joy and equanimity.
The kindness of one's parents is greater than heaven and earth;
69 父母之恩重於天地,三寶之德多過恆沙。
the virtues of the Three Jewels are greater than the countless
grains of sand in the Ganges.
Be grateful to and repay the kindness of others. Avoid emotional
70 知恩報恩是飲水思源,恩情糾結會相互傷害。
entanglement that causes suffering.
Harboring gratitude will nurture blessings that you can use all your
71 感恩是終生受用的福報,懷恨乃永世糾纏的魔障。
life, harboring hatred will create obstructions that follow you
One who does not use his wealth to benefit others is analogous to
72 若不善用財富利益世人,便像錦衣夜行暗自驕矜。
one who is all dressed up in complete darkness where no one can
see him -- it is vain and foolish.
The value of managing wealth lies in giving; the reason for
73 布施是經營財富的價值,種福乃過手財富的原因。
possessing money is to cultivate blessings.
Cultivate blessings, and family wealth may last for a hundred
74 家業百年不墜因為積福,富貴不過三代由於自私。
years; be selfish, and family fortunes will not survive three
One shall find lifelong happiness by being of service to others.
75 隨時服務他人,終生幸福;有力不結善緣,後悔莫及。
Sow favorable conditions whenever one is able or regrets will
Plant your seeds, weed and fertilize your field, be grateful when
76 看天播種時,耘草施肥日,豐收感恩月,祈求年年好年。
you have a full harvest and pray for more auspicious years to
Those seeking blessings should first plant, cultivate, and cherish
the seed of blessings; those seeking wealth should first create
good causes and conditions; those seeking longevity should first
take good care of one's body and mind; those seeking good luck
should first be pleasant and kind to others.
Reflect upon oneself with a sense of contrition, and always be
mindful that one has not done enough for and given enough to
oneself and others.
Always reflect upon oneself with a sense of contrition. Without
self-reflection on one's behavior, one is in constant danger of
going astray.
View everything in the world with gratitude. If one is not grateful
and does not repay the kindness of others, one will soon run out of
good luck.
To live happily ever after, be grateful and respectful to one
another, learn from one another, forgive one another, and love
and support one another.
Cultivating Virtues and Merits.
Be sincere, and your prayer will be answered, be diligent, and
82 真誠必有應,精勤萬事成。
anything can be accomplished.
Do not slack off because you are smart enough; always
83 寧以勤勉補笨拙,勿仗聰明而懈怠。
compensate for a lack of intelligence with diligence.
One will not suffer any loss by being disiplined with oneself, one
84 嚴以律己不虧損,寬以待人受益多。
has much to gain by being forgiving towards others.
Be content with poverty, but hard work and thrift will lead you to
85 守貧望富當勤儉,處亂守安不動心。
wealth; stay calm in the face of turmoil and keep your mind from
Simple meals and clothes are as good as fancy ones. Hard work
86 菜根清香布衣暖,勤勞健康節儉富。
leads to good health and thrift leads to wealth.
While it may seem romantic to seize the moment and enjoy life's
87 及時行樂乃浪漫,隨處修善積功德。
pleasure to the fullest, it is doing good deeds whenever and
wherever you can that will truly bring you life's blessings and
There is always competition. Just focus on your own endeavor
88 能中更有能中手,各自努力莫羨人。
without envy or jealousy.
Good advice is usually hard to take, just as good medicine usually
89 聽諍言未必順耳,嚐苦味的是良藥。
tastes bitter.
Be the heaven-sent rain when there is a draught, be the person
90 枯旱祈降及時雨,隆冬願作送暖人。
who brings warmth and care in the dead of winter.
The Phoenix (a symbol of luck) will only nest in an auspicious
91 鳳凰好棲富貴宅,白鶴喜落福壽家。
household, the white crane (a symbol of longevity) will only visit a
Keep your mind free from thoughts of gain and loss, and you will
92 心中不存得失想,常作世間無事人。
be free and at ease at all times.
Those with both talent and virtue will benefit all, those with talent
93 才德兼備是賢良,有能無德害群馬。
but no virtue will only bring harm.
Recognize your wrongs and never repeat them. Even the butcher
94 知過即改不為恥,放下屠刀立成佛。
becomes a Buddha the instant he puts away his knife.
95 警惕富貴不出三代,小心權勢令人墮落。
Beware that wealth rarely lasts and power often corrupts.
History teaches us that great men often emerge from difficult
96 自古將相多出寒門,捨己為公天下太平。
circumstances, and that those who sacrifice their own selfish
desires for the common good lead society to peace and
Avoid the attachment to one's ego and be open minded, always
97 少些人我是非的執著,多點成人之美的言行。
behave in a way that is helpful to others.
Cultivating one's blessings is crucial to maintain one's wealth.
98 若望常保富貴,培福要緊,富貴多從積福來。
Where blessings abound, wealth usually follows.
Boundless blessings are found in upholding and reciting often the
99 受持觀世音菩薩名號,得無量無邊福德之利。
name of Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara).
Rather than plunder another's bowl of rice, plow your own rice
field; if you do not have a rice field of your own, then help
Always keep in mind the spirit of humility, respect, tolerance, and
generosity; always act with the principles of honesty, civility, thrift
and diligence.
Fame and wealth obtained overnight are difficult to keep. Be
sensible and realistic.
It is difficult to find a kindred soul, but don't let that stop you from
befriending others. Minimize worries and vexations, and your
blessings will grow while obstructions lessen.
One who is paranoid is prone to be deceived, one who is
understanding is bound to find a helping hand. For richer or
poorer, don't hesitate to give, for giving is the key to benefiting
oneself, others, and all setient beings.
There are four conditions for a good life: born at the right place,
blessed at old age, maintaining a healthy mind in sickness, and
death at the right time. This would truly be a life of bliss.

106 富貴未必只三代,賢哲未必生於寒門;富貴當積德,寒門須勤勉。
The wealthy shall cultivate blessings; the poor shall be diligent. Any household that follows these principles will find itself blessed with great wealth and great characters.

107 行善沒有條件。
Doing good is without condition.

108 珍惜生命,為自己加油。
Cherish one's life and always cheer oneself on.

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