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Lecture Series: Self-awareness and Subjectivity in Buddhist Philosophy


Lecture Series: Self-awareness and Subjectivity in Buddhist Philosophy

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Birgit Kellner
Professor of Buddhist Studies, University of Heidelberg

2011/12/9嚗鈭嚗10:00-12:00 AM 雿憭批飛脫偌頠雿摮貊頂
Epistemology and logic in Buddhism - reflections on rationality in religious discourse

2011/12/10嚗哨10:00-12:00 AM 踵祥憭批飛撅曹∪蝛嗅之璅脣飛箇蝛嗅恕
Self-awareness (svasa廜vedana), mental forms (kra) and subjectivity: critical issues in the Buddhist philosophy of mind

2011/12/12嚗銝嚗10:00-12:00 AM 踵祥憭批飛撅曹∪蝛嗅之璅脣飛箇蝛嗅恕
Dignga and Dharmak蘋rti on the subjectivity of experience: reading and discussion of selected passages
喲瘜蝔梯蝬撽銝駁改瘜蝔晞隢嚗Pram廜avrttika 3.340-350嚗貉

PrePanels 撠霈

2011/11/5嚗哨14:00-18:00 PM
踵祥憭批飛撅曹∪ 蝛嗅之璅脣飛箇蝛嗅恕

Dharmak蘋rti, Pram廜avrttika 3.340-350 with Manorathanandins commentary
Dharmak蘋rti, Pram廜avinicaya (Steinkellners edition pp. 36-38) ( pdf )
嗅摰甇嚗雿亥隢桃蝛嗚嚗銝瘀25-36 ( pdf )
嚗雿撱箄 pdf 喃璅撠霈嚗

2011/11/12伐哨14:00-18:00 PM
踵祥憭批飛撅曹∪ 蝛嗅之璅脣飛箇蝛嗅恕

1. Dan Arnold, Self-Awareness (svasa廜vitti) and Related Doctrines of Buddhists Following Dignga: Philosophical Characterizations of Some of the Main Issues, Journal of Indian Philosophy (2010) 38: 323-378, especially 347-357. 嚗∪撘瑯瘙芰 link 撠霈嚗
2. Birgit Kellner, Self-Awareness (svasa廜vedana) in Digngas Pram廜asamuccaya and -v廜tti: A Close Reading, Journal of Indian Philosophy (2010) 38: 203-231, especially pp. 220ff. 嚗摰撠霈嚗
嚗梯隢靘靽∠揣: buddhismstudy@yahoo.com.tw
3. Shinya Moriyama, Sense Data and kra ( pdf ) 嚗撘菟 pdf 撠霈嚗

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