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[Info-tech] Computer v.s. Human Brain, MoGoTW Wins the Amateur Dan Certificate of Go Association of R.O.C

Posted by gustav 
[Info-tech] Computer v.s. Human Brain, MoGoTW Wins the Amateur Dan Certificate of Go Association of R.O.C (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper (2010/03/21), Epochtimesudn.com (2010/03/22) National University of Tainan held the first Computer's dan challenge in the globe on March 21, the team of MoGoTW, authorized by the French MoGo in last October, wan 23 first to third dan gomasters in 9*9 go games. The amateur sixth dan gomaster Tai-hsiung YANG (楊泰雄), Director of Haifong Weiqi Academy, three-to-two lost to MoGoTW, too. The Go Association of R.O.C. for the first time awarded the computer the amateur first to third dan certificate.

The challenge took place in National University of Tainan; President of the university Hsiu-Shuang HUANG and Director of Haifong Weiqi Academy Tai-hsiung YANG hosted the opening ceremony. There were more than twenty first to third dan gomasters fighting MoGoTW in 9*9 go. The confronting between computer intelligence and human intelligence drew much attention; the project partners in France and Japan also monitored the event via the internet.

Tai-hsiung YANG confessed that he was stressed out after invited to confront MoGoTW. In his two games against MoGoTW, he lost one and won one (sic., China Times E-paper). He said, MoGoTW was very good at calculating and detecting the opponent's weakpoints. In the first game, he tried to play a trick trapping MoGoTW but failed. In the second game, although MoGoTW was not very stable, its performance was still very impressive to him.

The challenge was broadcast via the internet to the world and drew the attention of many computer engineering institutes in the Europe and Japan. A robot-human chess challenge cooperated by National University of Tainan and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan,will also take place in the near future.

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