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NEH Summer Institute - Investigating Consciousness: Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives


May 21 - June 2, 2012 (two weeks)

College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina

Application Deadline:
March 1, 2012

Christian Coseru, Jay Garfield, Evan Thompson

Miri Albahari, Dan Arnold, Katalin Balog, David Chalmers, Shaun Gallagher,
Jonardon Ganeri, Uriah Kriegel, Shaun Nichols, Alva No禱, Mark Siderits, Susanna
Siegel, Charles Siewert, William Waldron, Dan Zahavi

We invite you to apply to our NEH Summer Institute, Investigating
Consciousness: Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives.

Consciousness Studies is central to philosophy, religious studies and cognitive
neuroscience. It has also been a focus for productive cross-cultural research
drawing together scholars from the Euro-American and Buddhist philosophical
traditions. The recent flourishing of the study of consciousness in the West
has been so productive because it draws on such diverse philosophical and
psychological roots, from phenomenology to semantics to neurophysiology. The
nascent interaction with the Indian and Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a tradition
as old, and as sophisticated as the European tradition, and just as vigorous
today, is contributing further new ideas to the philosophical study of
consciousness. This NEH Summer Institute addresses this cross-cultural
philosophical dialogue.

Some of the worlds foremost philosophers of mind, phenomenologists,
philosophers of cognitive science, and specialists in Indian and Buddhist
philosophy will participate as institute faculty. Early career scholars are
particularly encouraged to apply. We welcome applications from scholars working
on topics in the philosophy of mind, from any tradition and period, in
particular those working primarily in the Western tradition who are interested
in what the Buddhist tradition might have to offer, as well as those interested
most specifically in Indian and Buddhist philosophy, who wish to engage with
contemporary conversations in Western philosophy of mind, cognitive science and
phenomenology. We hope to attract participants representing a wide variety of
subdisciplines of philosophy, cognitive science and religious studies, and who
take a wide range of approaches to this topic. We also encourage applications
from graduate students currently writing dissertations on topics in these

The NEH provides $2,100 as a taxable stipend to each person chosen to
participate in this Summer Institute. Stipends are intended to help cover
travel expenses to and from the project location, books and other research
expenses, and living expenses for the duration of the period spent in

For details about the project, directors and faculty profiles, and the
application guidelines, please check the institute website:


Christian Coseru
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, Sc 29424

Phone: 843 953-1935
Facsimile: 843 953-6388
Email: coseruc@cofc.edu

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