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Panel Discussion on Malcolm David Eckel's Lecture in November, by Su-an Lin, Sing Song Liu and Wei-hung Yen 2009/11/21

DATE: 2009/11/21 14:00~17:00
PLACE: 政治大學研究大樓哲學基礎研究室

Panel Topic:
Malcolm David Eckel (Boston University)
Debate as a Catalyst for Doctrinal Development in 6th-century India

Host: Ching Keng 耿 晴

1. Bhaviveka the Debater ( pdf ),
discussed by Su-an Lin 林 恕安

2. Bhaviveka's Critique of the Shravakas ( pdf ),
discussed by Sing Song Liu 劉 興松 (pdf 01 02 03)

3. Models of Emptiness: Bhaviveka's Critique of the Yogacara ( pdf ),
discussed by Wei-hung Yen 嚴 瑋泓 ( pdf )

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