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Why Invest in Art?

作者: zs86210904 
Why Invest in Art?

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There was a time when art was valued because it was aesthetically pleasing and because it brought grand ideas into public discourse. In modern times,art is also gaining value as an investment not just as a long-term source of goodwill, but as a short-term source of quick profits. Over the past ten
years, the art market has shown volatility similar to that of the stock market, and yet some of the prices that works of art have yielded at market have made it an attractive investment asset class. Art will always a subjective investment, influenced by the trends of the time. However, it is
still a tangible asset, with low correlation to stockmarkets and therefore the perfect alternative market in which to diversify one investment portfolio. The large allocation of high net worth individual capital into art, and the predicted increase in the number of such individuals across the world, is expected to lead to a far greater appetite and demand for art investments.

One art investment website in Australia: