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Note on Hegel's System

Posted by boris 
Note on Hegel's System

It has been a long time before last time I visited here.
Hegel's work is always posing a challenge to me. In Phenomenology of Spirit, the sense-certainty and perception, as a starter, I have trouble to even start to read; and did not get any help from lectures found to detailedly explain sentence by sentence. Winfield's lectures from University of Georgia helps a bit. Finally I got over it with the help from a secondary commentary by Stace's 1950, The philosophy of Hegel: a systematic exposition. In it there is a sentence (pp. 7):

"Three-quarters (3/4) of the failures of understand Hegel are due to the fact that this is not understood."

That "this" in the above quoted sentence means to distinguish between "reality" and "existence."
Some of my own commentary:
1. Sense-experience on individuals demonstrates existence, therefore cannot give truth or true knowledge. immediate but not universality.
2. Perception is universality; therefore forges reality. mediated but universality.
3. Pure being is undeterminate, but is reality. Determinate being exists as each every individual, existence but not reality.
4. Pure being is simply a being without predicates. Determinate being is a being with predicates. Pure being is potentiality, Determinate being is actuality and concrete.
5. Pure being reveals itself by dialectic process, to not-being by negation, and by second negation to becoming, becoming is the determinate being. Further dialectic process will reveal more concrete content of the determinate being.
6. Piece by piece pure being reveals itself, and eventually reveals the absolute. The absolute constitutes the world. Pure being reveals the absolute, and the absolute conceals the pure being.

The real may not exist, the exists may not be real. Any thought on this line of thinking? care to share a bit? Oriental religions mostly have presupposed "the exist may not be real," be it Buddhism or Hinduism. But it never has been a claim of "the real may not exist."
My experience of reading/studying the Phenomenology of Spirit might have to first read a bit of Science of Logic. Even that the SL is published after the POS.

Re: Note on Hegel's System

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Thanks for your share!