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Nobody knows exactly what Hegel is talking about.

Posted by boris 
Nobody knows exactly what Hegel is talking about.

分類標籤: 黑格爾哲學
The sentence originally was commented by Robert Pippin, etc. as following,
"It is widely believed that no one really knows what he (Hegel) was talking about."

Compare the following two sentences:
"Nobody knows exactly what Hegel is talking about. " (Pippin's)
"Nobody knows what Hegel is exactly talking about. " (Skepticism)

Subjectively or objectively speaking? Either way Hegelian philosophy is obscure, yet so undoubtedly influential.

Two research topics I may think of,
1. Hegelian dialectic vs. denying antecedent "fallacy" (informal logic).
2. Hegelian dialectic vs. Bayesian estimation/network

The former is a guess; the later is an ongoing topic.
If anyone has any interest in these topics; let's talk.

What draws me to Hegelian Philosophy?

分類標籤: 黑格爾哲學
What draws me to Hegelian Philosophy?

Simply put it, Hegelian-branded dialectic, by its peculiarity or eccentricity, is the area I would like to explore. About myself, I didn't receive any philosophy training academically; however, I had extensive science background. On that notion, I am not in any inclination to interpret philosophy terms the same way as philosophers do; however, I do not necessary feel this lack a disadvantage.

There are renewed attentions toward Hegelian dialectic in the west hemisphere. From pragmatist prospective, perhaps, I have three view points,
1. What is the connection theoretically and practically between Bayesian Epistemology and Hegelian dialect?
2. Is there any possibility to examine Hegelian dialect through the lens of Informal logic?
3. So far as Fallacy of formal logic's concern, should there be a room for Hegelian dialectic to defend itself from being categorized as a type of fallacy at its core?

Perhaps, last two decades, Hegelian dialectic, by its spiral-upward perpeturation style, has already found its way amongst the arena of applied sciences. The evolutional and spiral life cycle used by organizational/coporational maturity model in favor of its dynamics, the objective criticism system abided by researchers, the psychological consulting system, etc., to name a few, were accredited to Hegelian dialectic by many.