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[Report of Honor] Professor Ching-Ray Chang at NTU Department of Physics Selected as 2011 IEEE Fellow

Posted by techman 
[Report of Honor] Professor Ching-Ray Chang at NTU Department of Physics Selected as 2011 IEEE Fellow (Chinese Version)

NTU Newsletter (Issue 1031) Professor Ching-Ray CHANG at the Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, was recognized by IEEE commission and unanimously selected as the association's 2011 Fellow for his outstanding academic devotion, after his reception of the American Physical Society (APS) Fellowship last year for his contributions to magnetics and the spin transport model. Scholars who can receive both APS Fellowship and IEEE Fellowship in Taiwan are already numbered; worth noted is that Professor CHANG receives the recognitions solely for the studies conducted and resulted in Taiwan, owing to which Taiwan is globally observed in the fields of micro-magnetics and spin-transport model.

IEEE is a globally advancing expertise association devoted to enhancing human welfare. IEEE has about 385,000 members from over 160 countries and keeps leading roles in several disciplines. About 30% of the publications in the realms of electronic and electrical engineering and computer science are published by IEEE; by now more than 900 electronic and electrical standards or protocols are determined by IEEE.

IEEE Fellows are selected from the IEEE members annually through a strict selection process counting on their scientific originality or outstanding contributions to the disciplines or industries. Only within 0.1% of the members could be entitled with the fellowship, and, hence, the title is widely regarded as the topmost honor among the engineering scientists in the world. Professor Ching-Ray CHANG's receiving the title for his contributions to the theoretical fundamentals is even more rare and commendable.

Since 1988 when Professor Ching-Ray CHANG returned to Taiwan he has begun his investigation on spintronics, and because of his continuous effort Taiwan could obtain its seat in the emerging discipline. In recent years Professor CHANG mainly works on spin-transport theoretic model and topological insulator. He has even been invited to take the chair of deputy editor for the new journal SPIN whose first issue is about to occur in 2011. Professor CHANG is also the present board member of the Association of Asia Pacific Societies (AAPPS), Vice Chairman of the Asian Union of Magnetics Societies (AUMS). Besides, he cares about female scientific activities a lot as well, being one of the rare male members in the “Working Group on Women in Physics” at the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).

Professor Ching-Ray CHANG has rich experience in administration and management; because of his chairing, the Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, returns to the most wanted department among the high school students in science and technology, and the Department of International Cooperation, NSC, has successfully encouraged and activated vigorous international engagements of the Taiwan scholars.

NTU Newsletter Issue 1031 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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