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[Energy] Solar Power for the First Time Becomes Profitable in Taiwan

Posted by techman 
[Energy] Solar Power for the First Time Becomes Profitable in Taiwan (Chinese Version)

The Liberty Times (2010/10/09) The first private profitable solar power system in Taiwan began to operate recently. It was estimated that the annual profit of the system could reach four million NT dollars. The developer pointed out, solar power industry in Taiwan just stepped into a new phase from the previous stage where the solar power systems were mere demonstrations without real profit. It was said that more and more swine farms were planned to change into solar power plants, and many local companies had purchased lands for solar power.

The developer of the system was the first company of ITRI's technological transference. Its solar photovoltaic system built recently in Hai-feng Branch of Pingtung Fruit and Vegetables Market had a system capacity of 400 kWp, while it can generate more than 1600 degree per day. The power generated by the system will totally be purchased by Taipower Company. This system was the first wholesale electric system for Taipower Company since the newly revised Renewable Energy Development Act entered into force.

The wholesale system was invested half by the financial support from the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and half by the private developer. The system was built on the rented roof of Hai-feng Fruit and Vegetables Market in Pingtung. The purchase contract with Taipower company would last for 20 years, while the initial investment could be balanced between the 7th and the 8th year. This move was a move from the solar systems as ecological demonstrations to the solar systems as profitable means. More and more companies decided to invest in Pingtung's strong sunshine, planning to build massive solar photovoltaic plants in Pingtung.

The Liberty Times 2010/10/09 (Chinese)

National Science Council International Cooperation Sci-Tech Newsbrief

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