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[Education][International Participation] KDP Taiwan Branch Begins to Operate, Presenting Excellent Taiwan Scholars to the World

Posted by techman 
[Education][International Participation] KDP Taiwan Branch Begins to Operate, Presenting Excellent Taiwan Scholars to the World (Chinese Version)

China Times E-paper (2010/09/25) The globally recognized International Honor Society in Education, KDP (Kappa Delta Pi), announced the inauguration of its Taiwan branch on September 25. Minister of Education, R.O.C., addressed to this event that with the operation of KDP Taiwan branch, Taiwan could obtain more opportunities to show the world its research dynamics in education, which is a very good thing. Tien-Yu LIN, KDP Taiwan Chairperson as well as President of Taipei Municipal University of Education, told the press that the three Greek alphabets “K”, “D” and “P” stand for three values in education, namely, knowledge, responsibility and power. Only those who are truly recognized in education may apply for the membership. With the Taiwan branch’s beginning to function, it is hopeful that a Taiwan scholar could be selected through the society and recommended to the international stage.

On September 25, Taipei Municipal University of Education announced that KDP Taiwan branch was established, and President of the university Tien-yu LIN was appointed to preside over the branch. During the opening ceremony, Minister of Education, Ching-ji WU, who attended the event, was invited to be the honorary chairperson. WU addressed that Taiwan has recognized research quality in education; for instance, Taiwan has a high Economist ranking. He said, after the establishment of the branch, Taiwan would have a good channel to show the world its research capacity to the world. He also encouraged the members of Taiwan branch to participate KDP's 100th anniversary event next year.

The chairperson Tien-Yu LIN said, the goal he set for the branch is to select Taiwan's own laureates and to recommend them to the global society, adding some non-European-and-American faces in the laureates list.

China Times E-paper 2010/09/25 (Chinese)

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