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[Defense Sci-tech][Energy] CSIST Presents New Developments in Thermoelectric Technology, Promoting Local Defense Industries

Posted by techman 
[Defense Sci-tech][Energy] CSIST Presents New Developments in Thermoelectric Technology, Promoting Local Defense Industries (Chinese Version)

Military News Agency (2010/09/24) Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (CSIST) held a press conference at Lung-Yuan Research Park on September 24, introducing its new developments of thermoelectric technology. The relevant developments are regarded to be helpful with the promotion of the domestic energy industries and carbon reduction. Besides, the thermoelectric technology also creates a new field in the research and applications of energy science and technology. On the other side, CSIST invited several private enterprises to form a military-civil interchange platform, converting defense technology into civil industries.

In the CSIST expo, several domestic enterprises in fields including thermoelectric materials, machinery design and manufacturing, solar power modules, electronics, energy and vehicle pipe design and manufacturing, etc., were invited. Moreover, CSIST also presented three of its latest developments: a thermoelectric module with triple functions (cooking, electric vehicle recharge and power generation chip testing), a green energy acquisition system, and a waste-heat recovery system.

CSIST specified, the dune buggy presented in the EXPO exactly uses the newly developed green energy acquisition system. The 270 c.c. engine of the buggy is modified with thermoelectric module so that the power system can not only take the solar power but reuse the waste-heat. The generation capacity of the system reaches 170 w and the power generated can be stored. This has made the first case applying green energy acquisition system to vehicles in Taiwan.

Presently CSIST has tried to apply its thermoelectric technology to advertising lights, alert lights, floodlights, LED displayers, mobile phone chargers and various kinds of mobile batteries such as vehicle batteries. In the meanwhile, CSIST spends and will continue spending efforts on the promotion of military-civil cooperation, trying to establish a platform integrating the industrial upper-stream, middle-stream and down-stream and to broaden the market together with the local enterprises.

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